Starting the Journey

When You or a Loved One Recognize that it is Time to Begin the Search

Determining when you need more care can be a difficult and confusing time.

Are you at the hospital and searching for a place to continue to recover from an illness or procedure prior to going home? Are you home for a visit and realizing that your loved one looks thinner than ever and may not be taking their medications every day? Or perhaps you are simply struggling with the daily routine of self-care, cooking, cleaning and maintaining a home – and looking toward the future.

These situations present even more questions – What level of care is appropriate? Where would I thrive, both now and in the future? Is it time for a lifestyle change? In short, what is the next step?

At Briarcliffe, one of our primary concerns is your peace of mind. We are available to discuss health issues with physicians, meet with social workers and discharge planners of area hospitals, and to consult with you and your family to help you make these decisions. The anxiety associated with transitioning can be greatly reduced by open communication and sharing of information and concerns.

Let us Help You Make the Right Choice