Making the Move

Once the Decision has been Made

Briarcliffe can help facilitate your move to the Briarcliffe campus.

The truth is- we can’t wait to welcome you to Briarcliffe. Once the decision has been made, our team will help facilitate your move to the Briarcliffe campus. We will work with the current care team to make certain that all necessary medications and care protocols are followed throughout the transition period, so you can focus your full attention on the physical move.

Moving day will likely be a mixture of excitement and stress. Advance preparation reduces stress and will make the actual move much easier.

Be sure to get enough rest before the big day. A big move is not easy, and there are many things that need to get done, and no matter how hard you work, it will seem like there is still more to do. But, remember, moving is a process, not an event. Realize that everything may not be done exactly on the timetable you set out – but don’t let minor inconveniences become major headaches. Don’t let stress rob you of a good night’s sleep – you will need your energy and positive outlook on the moving day.

Make time in the moving schedule to relax and eat – it is surprising how easy it is to skip a meal with all the hubbub of a move. Proper nutrition and rest are important to maintaining a good attitude.

Prepare a box with essential items such as medications, power cords/chargers, and toiletries that can be set aside in your new home for easy access. This will reduce stress and make the first day in your new home much better.

Invite a friend or family member to join you for your first meal.. Having a familiar face at the will help you feel more at ease in your new home.

Let us Help You Make the Right Choice