Success Stories

At Briarcliffe Gardens memory care assisted living

Depression and Anxiety

Mrs. F. had been at a variety of Assisted Living facilities prior to her admission to the Dementia Unit at Briarcliffe Manor Nursing Home.  She had exhibited a high degree of anxiety and aggression at the facilities where she previously stayed.  After her admission to Briarcliffe Manor, Mrs. F. had improved to the point where she was stable but was still anxiety-ridden and prone to frequent outbursts of crying. Mrs. F. was transferred to Briarcliffe Gardens.  After a few days her crying episodes reduced in frequency and her anxiety showed a decline.  She began socializing and became more engaged in a variety of activities.  Mrs. F. began to improve which was noticeable to caregivers as well as to her family. After approximately 10 weeks at Briarcliffe Gardens Mrs. F. did no longer has crying episodes and has become positive in her daily outlook. In addition to partaking in a greater number of activities including chair yoga, exercise and dance classes- she also befriends new residents and takes them under her wing.

Elopement Issues

Mr. & Mrs. R were residents of another Assisted Living facility. Several weeks prior to joining us at Briarcliffe Gardens, both Mr. & Mrs. R were reported missing and were later found walking in the heavy rain on a rather chilly day, approximately a mile away from the facility.  At that time the facility asked their family to have them moved to a secure facility as they could no longer be cared for at the existing facility.  Their son was quite concerned about their ability to adjust to a new living environment.  Upon arrival at Briarcliffe Gardens, Mrs. R. saw a movement class in progress and immediately asked if she and her husband could participate.  Both husband and wife have fit right in without an adjustment period and have flourished since their arrival at Briarcliffe Gardens. Neither husband nor wife has been found wandering nor desiring to elope.

A New Lease on Life

Prior to joining us at Briarcliffe Gardens, Mrs. B. was residing at home and was found wandering on the streets in a manner which caused her family much concern for her wellbeing.  When she first came to Briarcliffe Gardens she was unhappy about leaving her home and her family had concerns that she would never adjust to the new environment.  After approximately four days, Mrs. B. indicated that she loved the place and was encouraging her sister to join her at Briarcliffe Gardens. After several months, her family expressed amazement that she was participating recreational activities, exercise, as well as in arts and crafts and other activities that she had not engaged in over the past two to three years.  She has begun reading once again and laughs easily.

Balanced Approach

An active, independent person, Mrs. K. fell very frequently at home because she would forget to take her walker with her.  These falls occurred sometimes three or four times a day.  Her family made arrangements for her to move in to Briarcliffe Gardens for her own safety. Although Mrs. K. had several initial falls after moving in to the Gardens, she has not fallen since.  Her mood has improved considerably and while she still exhibits signs of dementia, she has adjusted very well to the environment and structure provided at Briarcliffe Gardens.  She enjoys socializing with the other residents, as well as, a variety of activities.  Her gait and balance have improved, possibly due to the mood enhancement caused by the unique lighting, sunshine, nutrition and programming provided at Briarcliffe Gardens.  In addition, her disposition has vastly improved.  Her daughter has been heard to ask caregivers, “Where did you put that cranky old woman who used to be my mother- I’m not sure who this loving, cheerful lady is!”

Life Skills- About Face

Mrs. T. was a resident in a secure Alzheimer’s Unit of a highly regarded (and highly priced) Assisted Living facility in Providence.  The facility was urging her family to move her to its skilled nursing unit because she allegedly could not feed herself, nor walk without assistance.  Her family decided instead to move her to Briarcliffe Gardens.  Mrs. T’s family had to hire a part-time, private duty nurse at the other facility who helped feed her and provide companionship and care.  One or two days after her arrival at Briarcliffe Gardens, and without the assistance and expense of a private duty aide, Mrs. D. began feeding herself initially breakfast and then breakfast and lunch and then after not even a week, all meals.  With the passage of a little bit more time, she started vocalizing her feelings (going from single word responses to full and multiple sentences). She is able to stand, to walk and to feed herself. Mrs. T’s family and her daily caregivers have noticed a significant improvement in her life skill abilities and the improved quality of her life since she transferred to Briarcliffe Gardens.

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